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  1. Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings
  2. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  3. Research on the Islamic State
  4. Murdered, Because They Were Jews
  5. Female Genital Mutilation in the West: A Creeping Crime Against Humanity


  1. Sunni Political Islam: Engine of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  2. Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings
  3. Murdered, Because They Were Jews
  4. "Zionist" Olive Trees in Turkey
  5. Beheading in the Name of Islam


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Responding to Cairo's New Leadership
by Daniel Pipes
Is he or is he not an Islamist?
by Yehuda Blanga
The administration should open its military depots rather than slam the doors in Cairo's face
by Efraim Inbar
Stability in this important theater can no longer be taken for granted
by Hilal Khashan
Muslims consider these long-time communities a constant reminder of colonial domination
by Oren Kessler
The outrageous account of how an American reconciles with a Palestinian bomber
Auerbach, Gossman, Kellner, Khashan,
Schwartz, Teitelbaum, and Zisenwine
Israel's East Africa policy ... Rabbinic creativity
... U.S. Middle East policy ...
The Nazi-Islamist connection

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